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Ron Cardillo, Sr., President “Our success directly depends on the success of our salons, which is why the So.Cap. Hair Extension System is centered around advanced education and technical support.”

SHE by SO.CAP. USA Hair Extensions Ron Cardillo, Sr., president of SHE by SO.CAP. USA Hair Extensions, has been immersed in the professional beauty industry his entire life. He began his early career as hairstylist, creating fashion forward haircuts, haircolor and texturizing services. He later became a licensed tricologist, where he was able to diagnose and refer patients with hair and scalp problems to the appropriate medical doctors. Additionally, Cardillo worked as a medical professional for 27 years as an EMT with Scarsdale Ambulance Core and also assisted with surgical hair transplants.

Twenty-three years ago, Cardillo saw an early form of hair extensions being applied with a glue gun at an international beauty show in New York City. He took this concept to Italy, where he began pioneering the art of professional salon hair extensions with SO.CAP. then a leading manufacturer of wigs and toupees. The innovative idea of bonding real human hair to natural hair in order to add new volume, length and haircolor was revolutionary.

SO.CAP. Hair Extensions originated in Naples, Italy and it quickly became the leading European hair extension company for salons. Ultimately, SO.CAP. split into three separate companies, each to be owned and operated by one of the founder’s sons. Each company retained the SO.CAP. moniker, yet they went in totally separate directions. Antonio DiBiase took over as the president and CEO of SO.CAP. S.R.L., which is the parent company of SHE by SO.CAP. USA Hair Extensions.

As SO.CAP. Hair Extensions grew in Europe, the company wanted to expand into North America. DiBiase asked Cardillo to develop the American market. Five years ago, Cardillo brought the SO.CAP. operation to Yonkers, New York and he immediately began exhibiting at professional salon and spa trade shows. Cardillo’s first SHE by SO.CAP. USA Hair Extensions exhibit was at the International Beauty Show in New York City, where he and the SHE by SO.CAP. USA Hair Extensions Team occupied a small 10’ x 10’ booth.

The next year, their booth doubled in size. By 2005, SHE by SO.CAP. USA Hair Extensions occupied a large 20’ x 30’ booth at the IBS and commanded an award for their new booth’s ‘Setup and Professionalism.’ In 2008, they held a successful press event at IBS NY, while also occupying an eye-catching 30’ x 40’ stage and booth.

After successfully bringing SO.CAP. Hair Extensions to the United States, Cardillo soon realized that the North American branch of the Italian company could not sustain the demand with the Yonkers location alone. He then began to implement a system of establishing regional distribution and education offices throughout the United States and Canada, each with a specific territory.

Today, there are nearly twenty SHE by SO.CAP. USA Hair Extensions regional offices throughout North America in virtually every region, including Hawaii and Canada. SHE by SO.CAP. USA Hair Extensions is now expanding to Central and South America. The original home office of SHE by SO.CAP. USA Hair Extensions has expanded to a larger office in Mahopac Falls, NY with the Yonkers office still open and operational.

Each regional office has several responsibilities. One is to provide beginner through advanced educational and certification opportunities with refresher courses to certify hair extensionists, all of which are readily available to affiliated SHE by SO.CAP. USA Hair Extensions salons. Another function is to provide localized marketing and customer service training.

“It is important that we teach the art of how to professionally apply hair extensions on salon clients. It is also important that we teach hair extensionists the wide variety of hair extension applications and how to market these applications to their clients,” notes Cardillo. Each regional office has at least one person dedicated for each of these important functions.

This system also helps the logistics of distribution with quick localized turn-around. Each North American regional office carries every product and piece of equipment that SHE by SO.CAP. USA Hair Extensions offers, allowing salons an almost instantaneous response when ordering hair extensions or equipment. Under the direction of Ron Cardillo Sr., SHE by SO.CAP. USA Hair Extensions has added a large family element to their growing success story.

Ron’s daughters are very involved with Lisa Brown as Chief Administrative Officer

Donna Martone as Senior Accountant.

His son, Ron Cardillo, Jr., is Vice President of Business Development. Cardillo has implemented a strong philosophy with a sturdy infrastructure, which has allowed SHE by SO.CAP. USA Hair Extensions to expand, making them an impressive resource and competitor here in the North American market as well as globally. “Our continuous education has helped SHE by SO.CAP. USA Hair Extensions achieve success to become respected as one of the top hair extension companies in North America today.

We have our products and services in over 10,000 salons throughout the USA.